Top five reasons why you don’t take good pictures of your children

Top five reasons why you don’t take good pictures of your children

1. You don’t know your camera

Even point-and-shoot cameras come loaded with features in today’s age. Did you read the manual? Do you know and understand most features?
You can have the greatest and latest camera, if you always keep your camera on “Automatic”, your pictures will be dull. Learn how to use “Aperture Priority”, “Shutter Priority” or at least the camera’s presets (the names vary depending on camera, but they should resemble something like: “portrait”, “baby”, “soft skin”, “landscape”, “sports”, action shots” )

2. You’re a hoarder

No, not that kind of hoarder. You are a “composition” hoarder. You don’t throw stuff out of the frame.
Clean up your shots. Simplify. When you take a picture of your child, you don’t have to also take a picture of your new couch, 60″ TV, the cat and daddy’s new laptop all at once.

All these things may look cool and you may like them, but the picture should focus on your child.

3. Your camera is too far away

Every time you see something cool/cute/unique happening, the camera is out of reach. By the time you get the camera, the shot is gone. You are then trying to re-create the moment but that never works.
Keep your camera close at all times. Use the strappy thingy 🙂 If you are stalking your kid with your camera you will get more good shots!

4. You are pushing too much

Children don’t like beeing disrupted. Constantly nagging your child about “smiling” and “looking at the camera” will not help you get the genuine shots you are looking for.

Just have fun with your child as you normally do and every now and then take pictures.

5. You don’t take enough shots

Take 10 times more pictures than you normally do. If you camera allows you to take many pictures in a sequence, use that feature!
Kids are amazing little creatures. In five minutes they show more emotions than an adult will show in a day. Taking many shots will ensure that you are at least getting some good shots.
It doesn’t cost you anything when using a digital camera so, why are you holding back?

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