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PhotoTale: Telling your story with style

Photographic Services in Gainesville, Ocala, Newberry

PhotoTale Studio if offering a boutique style photographic experience designed for people looking for high-quality photography services in the Gainesville area and the vicinity.

We are looking forward to hearing from you regarding your photographic needs. Once you get in touch, we will get back to you and  explore what particular photo session is of interest to you, assess if your needs align with our offering and style, get to know each other and plan for the session.

Our sessions are customized to best match our customers’ personality, lifestyle and vision. During the session we pay great attention to all the little details that help create memorable images for you. Art takes time and we don’t rush through our session.

PhotoTale Studio is focused on providing a top shelf, boutique style photographic experience. We reserve the right to refuse business from clients that are not compatible with our artistic vision.

If what you want are a couple of greatly captured moments that you will cherish, if you want art that you can proudly hang on your wall, if you want professionally edited images that make you look the best while still looking like yourself and if you want to be able to proudly show your photos on social media and also make grandma happy,  than PhotoTale is your best match.

An experience custom built for you

We are aware that people are very different and that what works for one photo session would not necessarily work for another photo session. Before the actual session, you will be provided with personalized coaching that will help you make the best of your photo session. We will discuss goals, style, posing and we will work alongside with you every step of the way to achieve the best possible results.

We know you don’t like to wait

Reserve your session time now and we will contact you shortly to schedule your session.

Please see the product categories listed below. For any additional question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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